Epiphany 2017
Madonna & Child

The Epiphany-It is a time for celebration!!

Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the Magi (Wise Men) to visit Jesus and the manifestation of Jesus ministry is for the entire world not just the Jews.Epiphany as a season lasts until the start of Lent with Ash Wednesday.
Comments and pictures from last Epiphany: Fellowship, Excellent food, fun—and best of all—worship, occurred January 6th at St. Charles. From singing Wise Men, youthful Treasurers, and an impactful Eucharist Service, a special event was experienced by our congregation.
Costumed appropriately, St. Charles parishioners, young and old, provided a setting for us to really absorb the meaning of Epiphany. What a warm, inviting service it was! And then, with all that unique feeling that comes from getting closer to Christ, a feast followed! What a great opportunity it was to get to know fellow congregants better through conversation and laughter. And who would think you could find prizes in your piece of cake? Both kids and adults enjoyed it all.


Candlemas is a traditional Anglican Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.
It is the occasion when Simeon stated that this Child is the Light of the World.
This Feast celebrates that light. It is a time when you can bring candles to be blessed.
The service will be at 7pm Tuesday, February 2nd.
First we’ll have the potluck at 6:00 PM followed by the service at 7:00 PM.


SUNDAY, February 5th AFTER THE 10:30 SERVICE A4DERS, our monthly Ultreya gathering is on Sunday the 8th, right after the 10:30 service. It is a potluck lunch. Singing and fellowship in a solid spiritual atmosphere.
Bring a new person with you! Everyone is invited to join us.

Shrove Tuesday-February 28th, 5:30pm

Many churches celebrate the day before Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday, also called Shrove Tuesday), by eating up everything in the house that is inappropriate to eat during Lent. We observe this day with a Pancake Supper held in the coffee hour area with a cost of $3.00 per person or $12.00 for a family.

Bring your own toppings as an expression of “eating up everything good in the house” prior to Lent. We provide maple syrup, margarine, ham, and sausage.

Ash Wednesday-March 1, 10:30am & 7pm

The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, when a Priest marks the foreheads of Christians with ashes as a reminder that we are created from dust and to dust we shall return.

  Ash Wednesday is a somber day of reflection on what needs to change in our lives if we are to be fully Christian

Anglican Fourth Day